Beautiful Moment Where Little Girl Tries To Teach Her Cat How To Go For A Nap


Kids are so funny sometimes, even when they are not trying to be, and this video is the perfect example. Having spent all of her short life, being taught how to do things, this little girl decides it is now time she became the teacher, and she knows exactly who is going to be her student.

She sees her cat, lying peacefully minding his own business but takes no heed of that, and starts the learning process. There follows a number of attempts at trying to wrap the cat up in her blanket, none of which meets with much success. At this point, she decides to change teaching style and demonstrates how to take a nap by lying down on the floor herself. Amazingly the cat follows her example and stretches out beside her, much to the babies delight. A quick wrap of the blanket around the cat and her work here is done. This is a lovely clip for you to watch and the cat does really well in being patient and calm with the baby.

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