Cat Watches Over A Sleeping Baby


It doesn’t matter where you look online, you are sure to see a cat video. In fact, it seems as if the internet was put here for that very purpose, and people just seem to love when their feline companions pop up on their screens. Of course, there are so many different types of cat videos, it is difficult to single one out as being the best. Once you see this video, however, you will have to admit that it is at the top of the list.

In this video, a cat is having a rest on the newest addition to the family. This cat’s name is Klaus, and you can be sure that he is a part of the family that everyone treasures. The 4 month old baby girl in this video just goes on sleeping peacefully, and the two are surely best of friends.

Many people look at cats as being distant and perhaps a little unfriendly. Although there may be some cats who don’t want to be around humans, that certainly isn’t the case with all of them. This little kitty is showing the world that cats are people too!

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