Sometimes Being A Cat Has It’s Ups And Downs


Being a cat is I imagine, quite a mundane existence. Nothing really changes from day to day, you wake up, get fed, and then you laze about doing whatever you please, and in most circumstances each day is much the same as the next.So when something major does change within your household, such as for example the arrival of a new baby, then that can be quite a shock.

In the video below the cat is quite enamoured with the baby, if a little unsure how to deal with it. Being naturally inquisitive he wants to examine and investigate this new arrival, but his survival instincts kick in and he is still wary of getting too close. Perhaps the cat is so taken in by the new arrival that his normal sense of location within his house has for the time being been ignored. As a consequence and in a bid to make a slow but dignified retreat, the poor cat ends up being anything but dignified.

I won’t spoil it by explaining what happens, you need to watch the video for that, but what I will say is that things come to an unexpected ending. However I am happy to report that no animals were hurt in the making of this video.

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