German Shepherd adopts Orphan Kittens


This German Shepherd Brooke was a great help to raise some orphan kittens for the animal shelter. The shelter fed them, and Brooke was responsible for washing and toileting. This combination worked great and all four grew up as healthy as if they had been raised by their own mother. Soon they will be ready to go back to the animal shelter. Both Brooke and the animal shelter will really miss them, but all cats are adopted out here in Whitehorse Animal Shelter, so all four are guaranteed a good home. They will make super pets, they are imprinted on both humans and big dogs, they are very affectionate and confident.

They are Sam (aka Chunky Monkey) clouded tabby boy, Suzie (aka Little Girl) clouded tabby girl, Savannah (aka Smokey) striped tabby girl and Sky (aka Little Black Mamba) black boy with white front paws and spot on his chest… You see, who says Cats and Dogs don’t get along?

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