UK’s Fattest Cat Gets the Cutest Personal Trainer Possible to Help Him Finally Shed Those Pounds


Ulric is certainly a cat with more to love, but until recently, he wasn’t very sassy. He was downright lazy.

According to Wamiz, Ulric is Britain’s fattest cat weighing in at 22 pounds. His owner explains he has a “penchant for stealing food from his (normal-sized) sister and his habit of doing, well, very little else.”



Like the frustration many of us feel, even after being put on a strict diet, Ulric somehow failed to lose any weight. So his mom decided to get him a personal trainer.

And by personal trainer we mean a very energetic Pug/Spaniel puppy named Dennis. As you can see in the video, Ulric no longer has the luxury of just laying around — not with a puppy nipping and jumping on him all the time.

“They get on really well and Ulric now runs around the garden, which he never went in before. Although, he doesn’t really have much choice when Dennis is chasing him,” Ulric’s mom says.

In the three months that Dennis has been “training” him, Ulric has lost two pounds. That’s almost 10% of his body weight! That’s a lot for a cat, and every little bit counts toward Ulric’s good health and happiness.




And it looks like Ulric is starting to develop some of that classic cat sass.

Sometimes all you need is a friend to help motivate you!

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