You Shall Not Pass, Dog


For thousands of years, there has been an ongoing battle in nature, the battle between dogs and cats. Admittedly, there are times when they can be best of friends but, in some cases, they just seem to rub each other the wrong way. That isn’t even to mention the fact that humans often have a similar discussion as to which animal they would rather have in their home. In fact, they are sometimes, referred to as being either “cat people” or “dog people.”

Sometimes, the dog is going to be the aggressor but cats can certainly have an attitude as well. As you are about to see, some dogs may even have a difficulty walking by a cat, even though the cat is just laying there looking at them. Take notice that it is often the bigger dogs that have this difficulty. I guess the old axiom, the bigger they are the harder they fall, has some truth to it.

Although the cats may be able to give some direction to the dog in this video, it appears as if they are able to do so effortlessly. In some way or another, however, they are exercising some dominance and we get to laugh at the situation.

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