Caffrey The Amazing Two Legged Cat


There’s a lot of incredible stories about animals with disabilities and here’s another one. Caffrey, an adorable  fluffy Persian kitty, only has one front leg and one hind leg, but he gets around quite well. How does this kitty get around? Well, it seems he has a great will power.

Caffrey’s condition is the result of a series of life-saving surgeries. He was hit by a vehicle when he was three years old and he lost his left hind leg. Rehabilitation and care left him in better shape with three legs for the following decade. But then in 2013, he unfortunately experienced another adversity when his vet discovered a malignant tumor in his left front leg. His family was advised to put him to sleep, but instead, they decided for another surgery and he was amputated a second time. Two months later, he had beat the odds and was jumping around in two legs in the best of health! Here’s Caffrey’s inspiring video.

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