Cat Gets Caught Stealing Pizza


There is no doubt that people absolutely love to eat. For some people, it becomes almost an addiction but for others, it is just a matter of enjoying good food in moderation. Although there are many different types of foods that people enjoy, it seems obvious that pizza is near the top of the list for many of them. All it takes is a trip through your local town and you will see more pizza shops than any other type of restaurant. As it turns out, it is not only people who love pizza, it’s cats too.

If you have any doubts to the attraction between cats and pizza, they are about to dissolve when you watch this video. If you happen to have a cat in the house and you order pizza, you’ll also want to hide it as soon as it arrives. These sneaky cats are trying to take a slice of pizza and some of them are quite good at it.

If you are somebody that loves cat videos, you are going to absolutely laugh out loud at this one. Of course, it will not be so funny if your own cat happens to snag a slice from the box, but at least we can enjoy it when it is somebody else’s cat.

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