Cat Verbally Complains about Her Bath


There is one thing that many cats have in common, it is the fact that they hate being in the water. House cats often take care of their own grooming, and they do a fairly good job of most of the time. It isn’t typically necessary for them to get a bath but from time to time, it does become necessary. It is then that we get to truly see what our cat is like when they dislike us from the ground up.

This poor cat was getting a bath, although it seems as if she was working with a fairly good set up. That didn’t mean, however, that she was happy about the fact that she was wet and she lets the owner know it. She doesn’t do it by biting or scratching but rather, she simply tells the owner verbally that she doesn’t want anymore.

When you first see this video, you might be surprised with what you hear. It is quite amazing, and this cat really knows how to get her point across when the chips are down.


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