Cute Cat Shows Its Love And Affection For Baby By Trying To Stop It Crying


Cats get a lot of bad press compared to dogs. Any cat lover will tell you that owning a cat is a lovely experience and that contrary to what the press might have you believe cats can be very loving, affectionate and caring. The big difference is that a cat chooses you, you don’t choose the cat. But once that choice has been made, your cat will be just as loyal as any dog.

This video brought a huge smile to my face, and I am pretty certain it will do the same to you.We have a crying baby lying on the bed getting rather upset.This has obviously happened before and I presume they have recorded it for posterity sake, as a member of the family is holding the cat back when the video starts rolling. However once she is given the signal, the cat is released and jumps straight up onto the bed, and goes over to comfort the baby. Whilst not a 100 percent success she certainly manages to soothe the baby for a short period of time and then curls up right beside the babies face, to try and give the baby comfort and stop her crying.The cat has obviously accepted this baby into her family and wants to give it all the love and kindness she is capable of, How Sweet.

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