Cute Little Cat Rides On The Back Of A Motorcycle


There are many ways to get from one place to another, but in some parts of the world, transportation can be somewhat tight. The streets tend to be crowded, so many people either choose an alternate form of transportation or they ride a scooter or motorcycle rather than riding in a car. In Thailand, it is not that unusual to see an individual going by on a motorcycle, but what is seen in this video is quite unusual.

The drivers who were heading through the city in Thailand were treated to a rather unusual site. A biker drove by with a cat on the back and he was hanging on in a most adorable way. What is funny about this video is not only seeing the cat on the back of a motorcycle, it is realizing that he must have wanted to be there!

Many people with cats are aware of how difficult it can be to get them in the car. At times, they may put up quite a struggle but it appears as if this cat is perfectly happy to be riding on the back of a motorcycle.

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