Early Morning Cat Alarm Clock


As any reader of this site will know, the pleasures of owning a cat can barely be measured. The love, affection and fun they bring into your life can far outweigh any issues they might also cause. But in my time of cat ownership, there have been a few unsavoury incidents I wouldn’t mind forgetting. I have lost a few sofa’s when the cat decided they wanted to use them as a scratch post. I have had a few nights of worry and concern when my cat decided not to come home for the evening, and of course, we have all have to clean up that rather disgusting mess when our beloved cat is not feeling well or didn’t make it outside on time. Overall though the benefits far outweigh the negatives otherwise let’s face it we wouldn’t keep the cat.

But perhaps one of the most frustrating things about cat ownership is their distinct lack of being able to tell the time. Sometimes when they decide they want to go out, it can be five am on a Saturday morning. And as you can see from this video when they decide it’s playtime the real time is of absolutely no relevance to them. Once the decision is made that’s all there is to it.So have a watch of this video and see if you recognise your cat here. For me this could get tiring very rapidly.

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