It Doesn’t Matter That It’s Freezing Cold Outside Mummy I Want To Go Out And Play


Sometimes unless you really know your cat or dog for that matter they can be the most frustrating animals on the planet. Imagine the scene, it is the middle of winter, snow has fallen everywhere and you are wrapped up nice and warm indoors with a good movie or a book. Suddenly you cat goes to the door and starts meowing to get out. So you put down your book or pause the DVD drag yourself out of your comfy chair to the door to let the pesky animal out and then go back to your favourite seat and settle down again. But literally as soon as your bum hits the chair the cat is there again, only this time on the outside. Jumping up at the window, trying to attract your attention, you consider it for a minute and then think it’s so cold out there I better go let him in.

So you put the book down again, climb out of the chair and open the door. Except of course the cat just looks up at you like you are some kind of alien. It’s only then that you realise he wants you to come out and play in the snow. Probably not what you had in mind on a freezing cold winters day, but then again those are the pleasures of cat ownership. Watch the video, see the entire story unfold and admire the clever and really rather beautiful and clearly intelligent cat.

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