Little Cat Escapes His Pen to Get to His Friend, the Dog


What lengths would you go to in order to get to your friend? For example, if you are separated by a plastic barrier and you can see each other through it, but you couldn’t actually be in contact with each other, it would be a very frustrating situation. Apparently, it is not only a problem for humans, it is also a problem for these animals and what you are about to see is absolutely adorable.

This video was caught at a pet store in Taiwan. It shows a kitten, who is obviously distraught about being inside of an enclosure, basically because she is not able to see her BFF, the puppy that is in the next pen. That is when she decides to mount an awesome escape. You will not believe the acrobatics, and it will make you smile from ear to ear.

I’ve heard of puppy love before, but this type of love goes far beyond. It is the type of love that we would feel for a best friend and seeing it come to life through the eyes of these little animals will make you feel good all over.

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