Someone Needs To Teach This Cat About Risk Assessments


I have always tried to teach my children that however much you might want you, it’s impossible to win every battle, and therefore, it makes sense to choose your battles wisely. The same good advice I feel should be given to all cats but especially the star of today’s video whose name is Ginger.

Now it is fair to say that cats are an inquisitive animal, and sometimes that’s what gets them into trouble. But they are also highly intelligent, so you would imagine that they would assess the situation and decide whether or not the risk is worth taking. Unfortunately, Ginger seems to have turned his risk meter button off. When he looks out into his back yard he is confronted by a moose and her babies. Now it isn’t rocket science to realise that he is at a huge size disadvantage, and would probably be wise to steer well clear. But it seems that Ginger took the moose’s residence in his back yard as an affront to him, and decided to go out and stalk the moose. The way he stalks is professional as you might expect, and he manages to get quite close to the baby moose without being spotted, especially as he approaches from the rear in true military style. But once he has been seen by one of the babies they pull themselves up and go to investigate. The reaction between the two animals as they get closer to each other is not what you might expect, but you really want to watch and see what happens when Ginger met the moose.

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