The Cat Demands Your Attention At All Times – Or Else


Cats have a reputation for being an aloof type of animal. The consensus of opinion is that they are not particularly bothered about their owners and they can come and go as they please if anything their independence is more important to them than their owners. This, however, is a broad generalisation, personally, I have owned a few cats that don’t fit the stereotypical mould and love to have some attention from time to time. Cats may like their independence and may even act aloof sometimes, but everyone likes a cuddle and companionship at some point in their day, however, independent you think you are, and in my opinion, a cat is just the same as any other animal in this regard.

This vide is the evidence I would bring to substantiate my allegation. It would appear that the owner of this cat is trying to get on with some computer work, but the cat is demanding her full attention. As long as the owner shows that affection and attention and strokes the cat, everything is fine. But the moment she returns her attention to the computer and starts to ignore the car, well let’s just say the cat isn’t having any of it. Watch the video and see for yourself, it’s funny.

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