A Short Relaxing Stroll In The Woods Turns Into A Full Scale Kitten Rescue Operation


When a young couple went out for a walk in the woods one day, they were in for much more than they had bargained for when they heard strange noises. Upon further investigation, they discovered four beautiful abandoned kittens. Emaciated but still full of playfulness, these little kittens had been discovered by a wonderful couple who are quite clearly cat lovers.

They spend a little bit of time rounding up these four little bundles of fluff, and once they are all caught they transport them home for some urgently required TLC. Once they get them home, they get them some water and food and you can see by the way the kittens attack both, that they were desperately in need of sustenance. Then it is time for the big clean up with the cats being given a bath, an experience I am certain they are not overly keen to repeat.

The change in the kittens after only a few short hours of care and love with this family is quite remarkable, and I can only expect that given more time this lucky kittens will flourish further. If people are going to abandon kittens, why not just take them to a shelter? please don’t abandon them in the middle of nowhere and put their lives at risk.

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