No Adult Has EVER Been This Excited To Get A Surprise KITTEN!


Get the tissues!



Update June 24, 2014.

1) Please everyone, don’t be alarmed. The box was plenty big for Lola and there was plenty of air for her to breath. I quickly put the lid on as Lisa was walking up the stairs.

2) The response to this video has been overwhelming. It apparently has gone a bit viral. Thank you all for the kind comments and likes. Lola is almost full grown now. She weighs about 4 1/2 pounds. She comes to work with us every day. She sleeps on Lisa’s desk most of the day. We just love her (and our other two dolls). Bella is the fluff ball that runs down the stairs to see Lisa in the beginning of the video. Not sure where she disappeared to after that. I think she stayed downstairs. It took her a few weeks to start loving on Lola. Now they are inseparable. They play together and both sleep in our bed. One on the pillow above Lisa’s head and the other at her feet. They love their mommy! Our eldest, Peeps (almost 14) has always been aloof. She tolerates the other two and occasionally will play with them. Bella and Lola are the same breed – Chinchilla Doll faced Tea Cup Persian. They only grow to be about 4-6 pounds. Peeps is a Himalayan Blue tip Persian.


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