These Mad Little Kittens Are Having A Ball


For all of us, cat lovers the beauty and pleasure of cat ownership is enhanced by the weird and wonderful things our cats get up to, especially when they are going through the kitten stage. As they are learning and growing, kittens get up to the most hilarious of things, and as their owner, we get to watch and experience the fun. Kittens are like babies in some ways, you can go out and spend a fortune on then with toys or scratch posts, not for them to be more interested in the box the product came in or something else entirely. That expensive present rarely if ever gets looked at.

But when you kitten does latch onto something, whatever that might be it can be amazing to watch. In the video below these gorgeous kittens have discovered the pool table and all of the fun things that contains, including felt, balls and pockets. I am not convinced my husband would find this as happy as this owner did, as pool tables do not really benefit from being scratched by little claws, but this owner seems more fascinated and engaged with the kittens than the table, and who can blame them.

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