Foster Kitten Winnie Dances To The Uptown Funk


I am sure we have all done it. You are sitting in the car at some traffic lights, and either your current favourite song, or a true classic comes on the radio, and you are singing away at the top of your voice and maybe even dancing like crazy. It’s almost like you are transported back to life as a teenager in your bedroom, singing into the mirror. And then suddenly you remember where you are, and you look around quickly to see if anyone noticed, which they invariably have.

That’s just the power of great music, it grabs a hold of you and takes you on the most amazing journey and it almost makes you forget all your worries and stresses for the four minutes or so that song is playing. It can invoke memories both good and bad. And it seems that our feline friends are also mad about their music. In the video you are about to watch you will see a beautiful little foster kitten called Winnie, strutting her stuff to the top tune of last year ” Uptown Funk‎”. The video is put together brilliantly and will certainly make you smile. If you like this video as much as we do please share it with all your friends.

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