Cats Love Babies Compilation Video Will Tug at the Heartstrings


There is no doubt that babies are cute and like many people, I enjoy watching baby videos online because they make me smile. At times, they even have the ability to make me laugh out loud and if you have ever seen a video of a baby laughing, you realize how contagious it can be. Of course, my video watching is not limited to babies, I also love watching cat videos as well! When you combine the two together, however, I’m totally hooked.

Many people who don’t own a cat think that they are a distant, aloof animal that really doesn’t interact with the people in the household. As a cat owner, however, I can tell you that nothing is further from the truth. When you see these cats cuddling up with their BFF babies, you are going to feel your heart melting.

Not only are these babies happy because of the cats that are around them, there may also be other benefits for the children as well. Studies have shown that having an animal in the house when the children are young can help to reduce the possibility for animal allergies later in life.

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