Neighbors Were Complaining About The Noise But Then They Set Up A Camera And This Is What They Saw


There is something that I know about people who have cats; they absolutely love them with all of their heart. In fact, they will often go out of their way to make sure they are comfortable, happy and healthy. It is something that also runs both ways and they get more back from their feline friends than they give in the first place. Of course, you don’t have to be a cat person to appreciate our furry friends, especially when they do something that is awesome. That is what you are about to see.
If you had to nail down one of the talents that your cat has, what would it be? Some of us may say that we love the way they play with a ball or yarn and others might love the way they get along with any other pets we have in the home. What if you had a cat that had a really special talent? This video shows just such a feline. In fact, the talent that they show is going to shock and amaze you. It might even give you a bit of feline envy. One thing that it guaranteed to give you is a big smile.

What if I told you that a cat loved to play the piano and they do it all of the time? Would you believe me? Well, as they say, seeing is believing and you are about to see something most unusual in this cat video.

This cat’s name is Nora and her human is a piano teacher. When she would leave home and Nora was there by herself, she would start getting complaints about the noise. That is when they set up a camera and decided to see what was really going on.

They were shocked to see that Nora was climbing up on the piano bench and plucking away at the keys. It wasn’t just a matter of playful banter, either, this cat was playing with a purpose.

What is amazing about this video is not only the fact that the cat is playing the piano. It is in the fact that she plays along with her human companion!

You can see the entire thing in this amazing video:

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