This Cat Is A Natural Born Mother


Some of us are born mothers, with a natural skill and ease with children, others have to work slightly harder to get the maternal expertise that is required. The cat in this video is obviously blessed with those mothering skills and helps soothe the baby before things get out of hand. The baby is fine, it had been well fed, it had a clean nappy, and was warm and cared for, but as we all know sometimes babies like to fuss. Especially when it is getting near nap time and they are getting that little bit crotchety. They need to fall asleep, but they are fighting it, and the more they fight it the more exhausted and grumpy they get.

Well, this beautiful cat could see that her owner needed a little bit of mummy magic, and so she jumped up beside the baby and placed a soothing paw on babies leg. Almost instantly as you will see baby seems calmer and the stress and grumpiness seem to melt away. Apparently this mummy cat is yet to have kittens of her own, but when the time comes, I think it is fair to say she will be a natural. Watch this special video below and enjoy.

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