A Cat Comes Up Against Some Scary Green Apples And An Epic Battle Ensues


If you happen to own a cat or if you have ever had one in your home in the past, you likely realise that they are full of personality. They also tend to be rather intense. That will clearly be seen in the following video, which shows perhaps one of the most frightening things to a cat, green apples. I know it sounds strange, but when you see the cat come up against the apples on the bed, you will realise that an epic battle is about to ensue.

When the cat first sees the apples, it is clear that he is unsure of what to do about them but a little dance around the apples is all it takes for the action to really start. Of course, the music that is dubbed into the video helps with the effects a lot, so it is something that is sure to put a smile on your face.

In the end, there is not a clear winner but I think that the cat is a little smarter now than he was before.

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