A Cat Does A Somersault And Now She Can’t Stop Doing Them


There has been an ongoing debate that has lasted for many years and it revolves around the ability to teach a cat tricks. Some people claim that their cats are not trainable but others claimed that it is possible to train cats to do rather remarkable things. Although this particular cat may not solve that debate for you, it can certainly show you that they are capable of doing tricks, even if they teach themselves how to do them.

This cat is from the Netherlands and when she gets really excited, she starts doing somersaults! In fact, it seems as if she does somersault almost all the time, and it is a great way to get some exercise and perhaps even have some fun. This is likely something that you never seen a feline doing before, but it just shows you how capable they really are.

It is uncertain if the cat was taught how to do somersault or not, but regardless, she seems to really enjoy doing them. I don’t know if my cat would ever do these, but it’s fun to watch a video like this.

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