A Cat Has The Most Hilarious Reaction To Watching A Printer Feed Paper


When we bring a cat into our family, we tend to have certain expectations that are unlikely to be experienced. Perhaps we think that owning a cat will be all fun and games, or we may think that we are bringing an animal into our home that is going to love to cuddle. It may be possible that a cat will bring those benefits to your home but you never know.

One thing that is sure to happen when you have a cat in your home is that you can expect some odd behavior from time to time. Perhaps it may show up as a toilet paper roll that never is left alone or they may love to prowl in the middle of the night. For the owners of this cat, they found something amusing when the cat first sees the printer in action.

What does a cat do when they don’t understand how something is working? Typically, they will smack it as many times as they possibly can. That seems to be the reaction of this feline, who feels as if hitting the printer with his paw is going to stop the madness.

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