A Cat Sees His Own Reflection And An Epic Ninja Battle Begins


When we make the decision to bring a cat into our home, we should prepare ourselves for their personality. Although each cat is different in their own, special way, there is no doubt that they are also going to show some personality traits that are somewhat unusual. Perhaps it is an inability to be near a roll of toilet paper without attacking it or it may be a need to stalk the house every night.

Some of the things that we may see our cats doing could just make us stop and wonder but others could make us laugh out loud. When the owners of this cat saw him facing off against his own reflection, they knew enough to start taking a video. As it turns out, they ended up catching one of the most humourous fights in the history of felines with some ninja moves that are quite impressive.

As a cat learn about the world around them, they are likely to experience some of these moments. It’s something that is wonderful to see and certainly has the ability to put a smile on our face.

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