A Cat Wiggles Their Butt Before Pouncing: This Is Why


When we have a cat in the house, we become accustomed to their quirky ways. In fact, we often find them to be rather adorable and it doesn’t matter how many times they do them, it always brings a smile to our face. One of the things that many cats do is to wiggle their butt before they pounce. Adorable? Yes, but it is also functional.

This is not only something that house cats do, it is also done by many big cats in the wild, such as lions, tigers and leopards. They tend to grind the ground with their back legs before pouncing. It serves to put them in position and to brace them prior to the time that they attack. A house cat will do the same thing, even if they are only pouncing at a ball of yarn.

The more we learn about our little furry friends, the more we come to appreciate exactly how interesting they are. It’s a lot of fun to watch cats as they move about the house but understanding some of these odd behaviors can allow us to enjoy it when they do it even more.

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