Cat and Dragon Are BFFs and Love to Cuddle


In the animal world, different species of animals are often separated from each other and they rarely ever get along. In fact, it is rare to see certain types of animals interacting with each other in a friendly way, but that isn’t always the case. Through the magic of the Internet and online video, we have seen some unlikely friendships grow among animal species and at times, even flourish. Here is another one to add to the list.

Ms. Charles is a female bearded Dragon and the owner wanted to introduce her to the male cat, Mr. Baby. He was concerned that they would get along with each other, because they truly didn’t have much in common and there was no reason to think that these creatures would connect, at least not in a positive way.

As it turns out, those two unlikely individuals became fast friends and now, they enjoy all types of activities together. This not only includes playing outside, it includes sleeping together and even getting together for a good cuddle. It just goes to show you, friendship really knows no boundaries and now you have the video to prove it.

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