Cat Finds A Baby Bunny Rabbit. What She Does Next Goes Against Everything You Thought You Knew


Being a tiny little baby rabbit can be tough, you enter the world and you only have your mummy to teach you and to look after you. But what happens when you are a week old, and your mummy dies? Things could start to look very bleak for you indeed.

That’s exactly what happened to this delightful little bunny rabbit from Rotherham in the UK. But luckily for her in the very same household was a wonderful mummy cat called Snaggle Puss. There was absolutely no way any baby was going to be left to perish on her watch. Even though she already had a number of her own kittens to look after, this rabbit was just as important to her. As you watch the video, you will see plenty of love and affection from mommy cat, and no differentiation between the kittens and the rabbit. All she cares about is that her little family is safe, clean and looked after, and she is going to make sure that’s exactly the outcome. Sit and watch the video and you will be both surprised and impressed by the wonder mother cat. She really should win some kind of motherhood award.

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