Cat Freaks out to See Herself in the Mirror


There are many things that pet owners enjoy about having their animals around. They provide a sense of comfort, along with unconditional love and all of the snuggles and kisses that you can possibly handle. Of course, from time to time, there are also some special things that happen when you have animals that go beyond description. Fortunately, this cat owner was able to catch one of those moments in this video.

Although animals are going to get used to their surroundings as they get older, there comes a time in any young animal’s life that they are going to be confronted with the mirror. They often find it confusing and at times, even somewhat frightening. As far as the owners are concerned, however, it is nothing short of hilarious.

Watch this video of this kitten playing happily on the floor and then watch what happens when she sees herself in a mirror. The reaction is priceless, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Yes, there are many reasons why you can enjoy animals but the fact that they bring a smile to our face is reason enough for me.

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