Cat Runs Down The Postman Every Day To Get Some Special Lovin’


We often hear about dogs who enjoy chasing down the postman but did you realise that other animals may also have a similar issue? Although most of us have never heard of that before, it is even possible for a cat to chase down the postman but likely, they are doing it for a completely different reason.

When the post arrives in this area of New Zealand every day, the postman, Levi Davis, gets an unexpected visitor. His furry friend comes in the form of a cat and regardless of the weather, Levi can expect to be greeted. The cat doesn’t wait for the greeting to arrive, she even follows him down the road to the mailbox and then jumps right in his carry basket! Her motive is not to chase away the postman, it is to get some love and attention.

Many dogs will chase the postman or bark at him because they are conditioned to do so. They begin barking when they see the postman coming and, because he continues to go on his route, the dog feels as if he has accomplished something. I think this cat has a much better idea.

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