Cat Won’t Let His Human Work In The Garden Without ‘Helping’


There is nothing quite like getting outside and doing some work in the garden. It gives us a real sense of purpose and when we are able to accomplish a good day’s work, we seem to sleep better at night. Many of us appreciate the solitude of working in the garden on our own but others love working with others and the sense of community that it provides.

The man in this video also enjoys working in the garden but he has a rather unexpected helper. It is his cat, Wiske, and anytime he goes outside to do some work, his feline friend has got to go along. Of course, the cat doesn’t really do much “work” in the garden, but he certainly does have a lot of fun chasing the dirt around!

When we are able to spend time with our pets, it helps us to form a bond with them that is unbreakable. In addition, it is something that makes the time go by much more quickly and many of us appreciate the fact that our pets are by our side, regardless of what we do.

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