Lazy Cat Doesn’t Even Want To Stand Up To Come Down The Stairs


When we bring a cat into our lives, there are going to be certain things that we learn very quickly. Cats are amazing animals, with plenty of love to give. They also love life, but they want to live in on their own terms. At times, it is displayed as independence but at other times, they simply march to the beat of their own drum.

The cat in this video obviously has a mind of his own as well. Like many cats, he isn’t interested in doing anything other than what he absolutely has to do, and it shows in the way he comes down these stairs. I have to admit, I’ve seen plenty of lazy cats in my life but when I saw that this feline wouldn’t even stand up to come down the stairs, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Having a cat in our lives is going to bring so much to the table. In many cases, we will have amazing things we can see on a daily basis. From time to time, however, cats take things to the next level and I think this cat is there already.

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