Lion Gets Overexcited When His Favourite Toy Is Replaced


Cats no matter their size always seem to love their toys. And like children, most cats seem to always end up with one particular favourite that they play with to the exclusion of all others. The problem with being a lion, however, is that most times you simply don’t know you own strength and before you know what has happened, you have chewed through and destroyed your most favoured possession.

That’s exactly what happened with Cameron the lion whose favourite toy, happened to be a bright yellow hard plastic doughnut. After many hours of playing with it, he managed to put a huge hole in it, and it simply wasn’t safe to leave him with the toy. The hard sharp plastic could have caused serious injuries and so poor Cameron had to lose his beloved toy. For whatever reason it took the zoo a few months to be able to find a new replacement doughnut, apparently these are not the easiest thing to find. This video shows Cameron’s reaction when he first gets his shiny yellow doughnut back. I think it is fair to say that he is pretty happy to have it back. If you know any other big cat lovers please share this wonderful moment with them.

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