She Manages To Catch Her Cats Nightly Ritual And It’s Unbelievable


When we have a cat as a pet, we recognise that they typically have two different lives. Not only do they have a life that we tend to see through the day, much of which involves taking naps, they also have a life at night while we are sleeping. It is during that time that they may exhibit some rather unusual behavior and if you’re able to catch them in the act, it can be quite funny.

This video was caught by the owner of the cat and it was uploaded in 2008. Unlike many videos, which live and die very quickly, this one continues to be popular because it is so adorable! When she was shooting the video of her two cats, she caught them playing the best game of pattycake that we have ever seen. The funny thing is, when they think that they are being watched, they instantly stop so she had to be sneaky when doing it.

Over time, there have been a number of variations on this particular clip but it continues to be a crowd favourite. When you see it, you will know why.

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