She Set Up A Camera To Catch The Thief Who Was Stealing Her Underwear


Anybody who has ever had a cat in the home realises just how sneaky they can be. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, they are going to find a way to get around your watchful gaze and do whatever they want to do. At times, they may even present somewhat of a mystery, and that was the case with this cat. It wasn’t until he was caught on hidden camera that they knew exactly what was going on.

It seems as if the woman in the house was missing undergarments on a regular basis, and they weren’t exactly sure what was happening. They set up a camera to catch the thief, and they weren’t too surprised to find out the cat was the culprit. After being caught red-handed, he suddenly looked like the “cat that ate the canary” but it didn’t last long.

When this sneaky feline got caught stealing the underwear, he may have looked guilty but it wasn’t long before he went back to chewing on the undergarment. I guess old habits die hard.

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