Taking Care Of Your Cat’s Teeth Can Be A Chore But This Cat LOVES His Toothbrush


When we take on the responsibility of having an animal in our home, there are many things to consider. We need to make sure that they are happy and healthy, get plenty of exercise and eat the right types of food. It is also important to ensure that if they happen to get sick, that we take them to the veterinarian. There is something else that we need to consider for our animals, and that is dental hygiene.

Most people tend to skip dental hygiene, at least as far as cats are concerned, but it can really make a difference in their life. Admittedly, most animals are not going to be too fond of having their teeth brushed, and you don’t see many wild animals doing it! That being said, it can be done and it produces many benefits.

This cat seems to have mastered the art of using an electronic toothbrush. He doesn’t do it to keep his teeth clean but rather, he has realised that it feels excellent to have the toothbrush vibrating against your skin. Take a look at this adorable video and you will understand.

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