These Cats Just Don’t Want To Take A Bath And It’s The Funniest Thing EVER


If you are a household that includes cats, you recognise that they can be fairly self sufficient. Other than the fact that you need to put food and water out for them, they can take care of themselves for the most part. They even clean themselves, and it is typically a daily activity. That doesn’t mean, however, that cats are never going to get dirty and from time to time, they will need a bath.

There is just one problem when it comes to giving a cat a bath, they usually HATE the water. In fact, they will likely do anything they can to avoid getting into the tub, even if it means running through the house soaking wet. (yes, that has happened to me many times)

If you are trying to give your cat a bath, you have 2 choices. You can either get frustrated over the situation and give up or you can laugh at what is taking place. The people who have cats in this video decided to laugh along and they took videos so we could laugh too.

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