This Cat Has the Cutest Frightened Expression


For those of you that have cats, you recognize that they can be quite expressive. Sometimes, they try to pretend like they really don’t care about what is going on around them but their face typically says it all. In many cases, the expressions that they show are not only funny to watch, we actually may see a lot of ourselves in them as well. That is the case with this cute little kitten, who seems as if he is watching the most frightening movie of all time.

It is obvious that this kitten has seen something that he isn’t quite sure of. He seems a bit hesitant as he looks up over the edge of the bed, only to quickly recoil. Of course, when you add the right type of music in the video, it really helps to make the drama of the moment come through. One thing is certain, however, this cat is freaked out and he looks as if he is at the breaking point.

This video was done in good fun, and the cat was not hurt in any way during the time it was taken. Like anytime we are with our cat, it is just something enjoyable that sometimes takes us by surprise.

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