This Kitten Is Obsessed with the Laundry


Kittens are rather fascinating animals. When we have one around, they are likely to keep us amused with their unusual antics. It doesn’t matter if they are playing with a ball of yarn, chasing a feather that is hanging over their head or doing anything else, it is the cutest thing that we have ever seen in our lives at that time. Imagine if you were standing there when this kitten was doing THIS in front of you.

It seems as if the kitten is somewhat obsessed with the laundry, and she is hiding down in a laundry basket. As one piece of clothing after another is thrown at the basket, she leaps into the air with the style of a ballerina and catches it before dropping back into the basket again. This is a video that you are certain to watch over and over again.

Although many of us appreciate the way that kittens play, it is actually an instinct that teaches them how to hunt later in life. Admittedly, not many cats are going to be hunting a feather or a piece of string when they get older, but they continue to play and hone their skills.

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