This Owl And Cat Make The Most Unusual Friends


It seems like cats and birds have had an ongoing battle since the beginning of time. In fact, it was even a part of many of our childhoods, as we watched cartoons that showed Sylvester the cat along with Tweety Bird. Of course, we recognise that those are just fictional characters, but what happens when the real life characters come into focus? What you are about to see in this video may just amaze you.

Did you ever notice how sometimes opposites attract, and you may have a friend that is nothing like you? Yes, you get along perfectly but that doesn’t mean you agree on everything. It seems as if humans are not the only ones who experience this, as you will see when this cat and owl are playing with each other. It is absolutely wonderful to see, and it is sure to put a smile in your heart.

Some people may feel as if these animals are only being instinctive but it seems as if they really have affection for each other. As they play along pleasantly, it is a beautiful thing to see.

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