VIDEO: These Cats Can’t Stop Chasing Their Tails And We Can’t Stop Laughing


When we have the opportunity to bring a cat into our home, we can expect that things are going to change in our lives almost overnight. At first, it is going to be all snuggles and love and it doesn’t matter how many times we have brought a cat into our home, each time feels as if it is brand-new.

Sometimes cats will do things on the up and up. They may play with a ball of yarn or perhaps they take plenty of naps during the day but in the end, we can’t expect anything unusual out of them. That is not the case with all cats, and there are even some who exhibit some rather unusual behaviors that we can appreciate as well. One of those types of behaviors is chasing their own tail and this video shows it perfectly.

A cat chasing their own tail is nothing unusual, but it certainly is funny. What you do need to be cautious of, however, is if the cat becomes obsessed with their own tail. If that is the case, you may need to take a trip to the veterinarian for assistance.

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