You Won’t Believe What Happens When Big Cats Are Introduced To Catnip


Virtually every story or video we feature on the site relates to the humble cat in our homes. But of course, the big cats, are all just as much a part of the cat family and so we thought it only right to feature something with the big guys involvement. Based in Florida, Big Cat Rescue is a non-profit that tries to look after and rescue Lions, Tigers and other members of the big cat population. Apparently one of the most frequent questions they are asked is if the big cats react any differently to their smaller relations when it comes to catnip.

So to answer that question the best and most simple solution is to give them some and see the reactions for ourselves. Well, first and foremost all of the big guys seemed to really be interested in the catnip, some more than others. As with everything in life they all had different reactions and some were hilarious. Watch the video for yourself to see these magnificent animals getting tucked into to some catnip, I think you will be both shocked and surprised by some of the reactions, and it will certainly bring a smile to your face.

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