A Stray Kitten Shows Up In The Studio And Surprises Everyone On Live TV


The life of a newscaster is anything but normal, and you never quite know what is going to happen from one day to the next. On one day, you may be talking about the weather and the next day, it is a world changing event. There may even be things that happen in the studio that take you by surprise. When they do, you can either panic and go to commercial or you can roll with it.

When Kudret Çelebioğlu was reporting live on “Good Morning Denizli,” a Turkish TV program, he got an unusual visitor. Right in the middle of his news broadcast, a small face appeared from behind the desk. It was a stray kitten who had wandered into the studio and was now trying to make an appearance on live TV. It is quite cute to see it happen.

At first, Çelebioğlu was surprised by what he was seeing but soon, he took advantage of his new little friend. He even used the appearance to help people remember to care for animals who need help. Now that this video has gone viral, many people are hearing what he has to say.

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