Adorable Kitten Wants Nothing More Than To Sleep On Her Human’s Foot


When we bring a new kitten into our life, is perhaps one of the most joyful times that we will ever experience. There is nothing quite like having that little ball of fur nearby, and it provides us with comfort and a smile on our heart. Even when the kitten shows some type of unusual behavior, you can’t help but think that it is the cutest thing in the world.

The tiny kitten in this video was found orphaned and alone but a family brought her in to care for her. When she became part of her new forever family, she also found the perfect place to curl up and have a nap. Although it is a little bit quirky, the kitten absolutely loved crawling up on her human’s foot and snuggling in for a snooze.

Sometimes, you never really know what is going on inside of an animal’s mind. One of the best things that you can do is to roll with the situation, smile at it and perhaps share a video with others. It seems as if that is exactly what this woman did.

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