Kitten Imitates Her Mother Perfectly


At some point or another in our life, we have heard somebody call us a “copycat”. It typically occurs when we are doing something that they are doing, and it is not typically a very friendly term. When you see this adorable kitten, however, the term copycat is going to take on an entirely new meaning.

She is just sitting innocently behind her mother and the mother is busy bathing herself. As the kitten watches every move that the mother makes, she imitates it perfectly. You can tell that the kitten isn’t quite sure what she is doing, but if mother is going to do it, she is going to do it as well!

Cats are rather intelligent creatures, but they learn much of what they know from watching others. As young kittens, they imitate their mother in this way, and it provides valuable skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. It is also true with many other animals, and humans do it as well.

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