Kitten Is Very Protective Of Her Food And Won’t Let The Owner Anywhere Near It


There is an old saying, you can call me anything you want just don’t call me late for dinner. We use this saying to show just how important food is to us, and many of us would agree. After all, we need food to live and when the food is tasty, it is something that we absolutely love. It seems as if humans are not the only ones who have such feelings about food, as this kitten is about to show you.

Little Margo is a kitten that is like many others. She uses her meow to let her owners know she wants something and, in this particular case, it is food. When they open the can of cat food and put it on her plate, however, her kind demeanor takes a striking turn. Suddenly, she is a hissing ball of fur that doesn’t want anyone near her food!

Like many cat owners, the people in this video do what people do best. When they see something cute, they try to get the cat to do it over and over again. Of course, Margo is all to happy to oblige, and they caught the entire adorable episode on video.

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