This Adorable Fluffy Kitten Is So Cute!


I don’t know about you, but I think that the cutest thing you are ever going to see is a tiny kitten. They just seem to have an adorable way of working their way into your heart, and it doesn’t matter if they are drinking from a saucer of milk or playing with a ball of yarn, they are sure to steal your heart. Of course, there are some kittens who take cuteness to the next level, and this fluffy guy certainly fits that description.

As you watch this kitten play with a sparkly blue toy, you will notice something happening automatically. The more you watch it, the bigger your smile will become. In fact, this particular kitten just is off the charts with their sweetness and we are so happy they posted this video.

Kittens play for a number of different reasons, and you might be surprise to learn that sometimes, it seems as if they are doing so to amuse us. In addition, cats play to learn and it is part of their instinctive behavior. Regardless of why it happens, it sure is fun to watch.

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