Tiny Kittens Get A New Toy And Have The Most Adorable Reaction


There are certain things in this world that just make us smile from the heart, and one of those things is kittens. It doesn’t matter if you are watching a video of kittens online or playing with one while holding it on your lap, it is something that just makes us feel good on the inside. Perhaps that is why cat videos have become so popular, and this one is soon to be at the top of your list.

The litter of adorable kittens shown in this video are enjoying a new toy. It is sure to put you in mind of an old arcade game, whack a mole, but it is the cutest variation that I have ever seen. As the kittens continue to play their new game, you will notice that the smile is getting bigger and bigger as it spreads across your face.

At times, we need to watch one of these cat videos because we’re having a difficult day but even if you are having the best day ever, you are sure to appreciate these kittens and everything they mean in life.

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